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  • Attention!

    At November, 17 2015 at 14h00min in Chancellor’s office Hall will be hold an open lecture of Professor Pier Giorgio Vasina (Modena Medical University, Italy) on a theme “Anterior approach […]

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  • Эълон


    14 ноябр шанба куни Бутунжахон диабетга қарши кураш куни муносабати билан Тошкент Тиббиёт Академияси “Шифокор” спорт мажмуасида диабетга қарши курашга бағишланган акция бўлиб ўтади. Сиз ортиқча тана вазнига эгамисиз ? […]

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  • Announcement

    A joint seminar of integration in the English language for students of the 6-year treatment faculty will be held on 18th of November, at 9:00 am in the building module […]

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  • About 1st session of UzSAMS

    Last Sunday, on October 25, AMSA Uzbekistan represented themselves at the 1st session of UzSAMS. Albert Kalendarev introduced UzSAMS, Kamila Porsakhonova deputized AMSA Uzbekistan and elucidated the structure, aims and […]

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  • Announcement!


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