Department of International relations

Jakhongir Dj. Israilov 

Head of the Department



The activities of the international department of the Tashkent Medical Academy (TMA) is conducted in accordance with the regulations of the Republic of Uzbekistan for International Cooperation. The priority of the international activities of TMA is the internationalization of education and the search for new forms of international cooperation conducive to the harmonization of Uzbek education, improve the quality of the educational process and training of highly qualified specialists.

In order to optimize the activities of the Academy in the field of international cooperation, the organization of international academic exchange , by the Rector’s order № 217 from 22.09.2005, in the Tashkent Medical Academy was created an international department (ID).

To ensure that the regulatory activities of the university in the field of international cooperation have been developed following documents:

  1. The concept of the international activity of ID TMA ;
  2. Regulation of the ID TMA;
  3. The job descriptions of employees of ID TMA;
  4. The position of the reception and training of foreign citizens in the TMA;
  5. Regulation on the direction of foreign students and staff of TMA.

ID in the organizational structure of the Tashkent Medical Academy

ID reports directly to the rector of TMA, headed by a Chief and consists of four directions:

  • The direction of the international educational programs and projects;
  • informational and analytical direction;
  • organizational direction ;
  • Visa direction.

Functions of ID Directions

The direction of the international educational programs and projects

  • provides information and / or advice on the registration documents for submission of applications for participation in international educational programs for staff and students TMA;
  • with partner universities, foundations and international organizations in the implementation of joint educational programs and projects;
  • assists in the admission of foreign nationals (students, teachers) in the TMA in international educational programs, coordinates their further training at the Academy and provides documents confirming stay in TMA;
  • develops and submits project proposals for grant support to various foundations and organizations in the development of international educational activity TMA;
  • provides information component of international educational activity (eg, account potential participants of educational scholarship programs);
  • keeps a database of international scholarship programs and educational opportunities;

Informational analytical direction

  • analyzes international activities TMA prepares relevant reports, fact sheets on request as a structural unit of the university and external organizations and provides them to the head;
  • carries out the planning and preparation of reports on international activities of faculties, departments and other units of the TMA;
  • keeps a record of all invited and registered foreign nationals arriving in the TMA;
  • maintains a database of people who travel abroad students and employees TMA;
  • provide for the maintenance and updating of web pages on the website of the Academy .

Organizational  direction

  • provides protocol support for ceremonies and events held in the TMA;
  • protocol support provides reception of guests arriving at the TMA on an official visit;
  • carries out the organization and holding of international conferences held in the framework of the ID;
  • organizational support for the admission of foreign students and teachers arriving in the TMA in the international activity of the university;
  • provides for the head of the analytical work necessary materials as part of the department.

Visa direction

  • draw up an invitation to enter the Republic of Uzbekistan of foreign citizens arriving to the TMA;
  • on behalf of the Chief of the ID and the Rector of the Academy represents the interests in matters of security visa at the diplomatic missions of foreign states and representations Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • keeping records of all guests and registered foreign citizens arriving in TMA;
  • assisting in the preparation of documents for visa students and staff of TMA traveling to foreign universities;

FOR THE PERIOD from 2012 to 2015

Because of  promotion of the English language among young people in 2012 increased significantly the number of masters,participating in the conferences, trainings, seminars. Many professors and lecturers participate in scientific conferences around the world and share their experiences. Since that time, this year, 22 units of the faculty participated in international conferences.

Cooperation between TMA and universities of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries is characterized by its different directions. In this direction, developing cooperation between Samara State Medical University, Institution of Higher Professional Education of Moscow Medical Academy of Sechenov, the Federal State Institute of Surgery.of A.V.Vishnevsky, Kharkov Medical Institute, the Novosibirsk State Institute, Minsk IAEA. In this area, 20 young researchers, assistants and professors from TMA participated in various courses, seminars and conferences. Especially the department of faculty and hospital surgery, general and Radiological Health, Obstetrics and Gynecology, involved in the long-term training courses.

The close cooperation clearly catches the University of South Korea. Due to the increase of the number of English-speaking masters and teachers of the University of South Korea’s isolated special interest. In this area there are memorandums with Seoul National University, University Hwasun Hospital Chonnam hospital of Hwasun University, Inha University. Within the framework of these agreements, this year 18 employees of the Academy participated in various trainings and seminars. Of these, seven young assistants and 11 master’s degrees. Especially it should be noted that 6 masters won a grant in the long term KHIDI and KOICA programs.


Joint projects of the Tashkent Medical Academy with the Republic of South Korea

South Korea universities Type of cooperation results
1 Hospital of Chonnam National University signed a memorandum arrival at the clinic of the Tashkent Medical Academy of doctor – a surgeon Che Su Kim and master classes, training courses.
2 Seoul National University Hospital Bungdan signed a memorandum Departure  of assistant  of nervous diseases department-Akbarhodzhaeva undergo a clinical internship for 1 year
3 Inha University signed an agreement financing  project is discussed in the opening of TMA Training Center
4 With the assistance of KOICA the center of Oriental Medicine Uzbek-Korean friendship Signed an agreement bilateral visits were made to participate in various training programs.
5 Ilsan Paik Hospital signeda memorandum training courses in the TMA on the part of Ilsan Paik Hospital




Development cooperation between the European clinics and universities between TMA can significantly increase the level of professionalism of professors and teaching staff, and master’s degrees. In 2013, more than 20 employees participated on trainings, seminars and conferences of medical universities in Europe, such as LandeskrankenhausSalsburgUniversitatsklinikum (Austria), Goethe-Institut (Germany, Munich).

On the basis of TMA annually hold 5 different international and international scientific-practical and educational activities: conferences, symposiums, seminars, workshops, schools, round tables, meetings, working groups. It should be noted that the April 9, 2015 in the hall “Amir Timur” of International Hotel in Tashkent was held 4 Scientific-practical conference of young scientists “Actual problems of theoretical and practical medicine.” The conference was attended by students, masters, clinical residents, senior researcher, candidates and independent candidates of medical schools in Uzbekistan. The main feature of the conference was that it was conducted entirely in English, so participants have shown not only the professional knowledge and the value of their scientific work, but also knowledge of the language of international communication, thus showing its willingness to speak at international conferences.

During the reporting period increased the number of students, masters and staff attend at international conferences.

Country Staff Магистры
1 Russia 16 17
2 Countries of Europe 38 26
3 South Korea 14 13
4 Kazahstan 2
5 China 2
6 UAE 2
7 Turkey 2
8 Tailand 1
9 Singapore 1
Total 78 56

With a variety of purposes, including: introductory, to participate in conferences, symposiums, meetings, seminars, conventions, researches, exchange of experience, and others., TMA is visited annually about 30 foreign experts, including the composition of delegations at various levels, representing the ministries, departments and other government agencies of foreign countries and representatives of the medical, scientific and educational institutions, international organizations, companies, firms, etc.


The project UZHELTH, aimed at improving education in the field of public health in higher educational institutions of Uzbekistan Ministry of Defense is working with the TMA program TEMPUS (Erasmus +).

In Tashkent Medical Academy which has a voice in Central Asia todayare trained 23 foreign students. Almost all of them are trained in the bachelor. These students come from Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Iran, India, and Azerbaijan.

The number of foreign students in the last 3 years:

3Plans for the development of international relations in the Tashkent Medical Academy:

– Ensuring the quality of the reports after trips abroad.

Carrying out of scientific conferences among scientists, professionals


5– Develop a group of students «English club», attracting the interest to learn foreign languages in these groups.



8– Create a rich library material in English, and to ensure the active use of these resources.

– Create groups of residents enrolled in the English language and the analysis of their scientific work in English.

– Provide continuing education abroad of students who know English.

– Create and develop English among teachers groups.

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