Department of Scientific and scientific-pedagogical staff

Матмуродов РустамR.J.Matmurodov

Head of the department of scientific and scientific-pedagogical staff

Phone: +998 71 214-8638, Email:,

Main tasks:

– Arrange for the preparation of scientific and scientific-pedagogical staff of the Tashkent  Medical Academy

– Drawing up plans for the training of scientific and scientific-pedagogical staff  and ensure their implementation;

– Coordination of the  activities for the preparation of scientific and scientific-pedagogical staff  with the faculties and departments;

– Organizes scientific conferences in the Tashkent  Medical Academy;

– Certifies researchers;

– Prepares and proposes plans, reports and regulations for senior researchers and applicants.

– Holds a reception at the Institute of senior researchers, independent candidates and clinical studies.

– To organize and prepare orders for examinations in spec. subjects.

– Rents reports in the Higher Attestation Commission , Ministry of Health, Ministry of Higher Education and in the department  of statistics.

– Conducts Students’ Science Society  among talented  students Republican Science  Olympics, conducts a competitive selection among the students and masters in the Presidential scholarship. Scholarship named after Ibn Sina (Avicenna).

Annually held traditional conference “Days of young scientists” with the release of scientific papers in conference proceedings.


The composition of the employees of the scientific department:

  1. Chief of the department – Matnazarova Gulbahor Sultanovna
  2. Chief Inspector: Suyumova Shoira Tafikovna
  3. Engineer: Islomova Gulnora Abdulҳakimovna
  4. Methodist: Umaralieva Rano Mamadalievna
  5. Secretary for research projects: Nematova Nigora Uraqovna

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