Educational-Methodical Department

Head of educational-methodical department:

Azizova Feruza Xuhanovna

Office hours: 9.00 – 17.00

Phone: (8371) 214-84-03


Educational-Methodical Department is one of the basic structures of the Tashkent Medical Academy, he submits to the rector of the Academy and managed by vice-rector for academic affairs.


The objectives of educational- methodical department:

  1. Providing of quality training Normative documents pertaining to the educational process, and completing their introduction in the educational process;
  2. Qualitative organization of educational process, methodical provision and improvement of educational work;
  3. Making changes into curricula according with state educational standards, provision of practical assistance to cognate higher education institutions;
  4. Performing of educational work, based on the curriculum and programs;
  5. Establishment of a timeline of the educational process, the training schedule for the academic year;
  6. The introduction of the learning process progressive and effective methods, providing high quality education;
  7. Providing and monitoring the proper use of auditorium funds and lecture halls;
  8. An analysis of student performance, results of final state attestation of graduates, and on their basis the preparation of materials to the Academic Council;
  9. Preparing materials and draft resolutions on academic work for consideration by the Academic Council, the meetings of Rectorate, scientific and methodological council;
  10. Providing and monitoring the implementation of the orders, decrees, of higher organizations, rectors and vice-rectors for academic affairs;
  11. Preparation of proposals for the development of material-technical base of the educational process;
  12. Preparation of applications for normative documents of: a journal of teacher, a journal of registration for lectures, an individual plan of teacher, a student’s record-book, a student ID card, a teaching letterheads, etc.;
  13. The organization and holding of seminars and consultations for teachers on introduction of modern information-communication and new pedagogical technologies in educational process;
  14. Determination of the contingent of students;
  15. Overseeing the preparation of deaneries and departments to the new school year, etc.

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