Information Technology Center

Head of Department

Bazarbaev Muratali Irisalievich

Phone: +99871 1507814



IT center of TMA is responsible for the strategy, planning and delivery of information technology over the academy.
Also, IT center provides TMA students,  faculty and staff with computing and communication services including email, web publishing, computer labs, and electronic boards, course management and student information applications, office and administrative applications, and management of the high speed campus Ethernet and wireless networks.


Musakhonov Abror Kamolitdinovich

Head of the department of educational resources and software

Phone: +998 71 1507814, +998 90 9731682,


Our team

  1. Software Engineer 1 category –
  2. Software Engineer 1 category – Azizova Kamola
  3. Software Engineer 1 category – Mukhtarov Temur
  4. Software Engineer 1 category – Safarov Ulugbek Qarshiboy ugli
  5. Electronic engineer 1 category – Kim Valentina Viktorovna
  6. System Administrator – Ubaydullaev Farrukh Fatkhulla ugli
  7. The system programmer –
  8. Head computer room – Djuraev Foziljon Farhad ugli

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