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Demo English class


     For Demo  English class having been performed by teacher G.Z. Muhamedova of “ Languages” department of TMA on themes

“Acute intestinal infections”,” Call the doctor”, “Especially Dangerous       Infection smallpox”

         November 25th, 2016 this demo English class was performed by teacher G.Z. Muhamedova   in group 301 of treatment faculty due to working program and the curriculum. In the classroom, all students were present.  It was used in the classroom teaching technologies “Infographics” and a new method of “effective dialogue”. The learners showed their good knowledge of English subject by their dialogue answers, presentations,  role plays, free speech, medical terminology.  We believe innovative educational and methodical technology “Dialogue” will solve a number of problems in the organization of the learning process at a higher level. The teacher will be able to organize and summarize the students’ knowledge, to acquaint them with methods of scientific knowledge, develop cognitive independence of students, that is, to increase efficient and effective educational process. This new technology allows you to activate the self-cognitive activity of students and improve the educational process. We think this technology can be used in the study of other disciplines. During demo class the teacher used all skills of teaching: reading, writing, listening, speaking. Pedagogical methods of “ Case Study”, “Brain storm”, dialogues were widely used by Muhamedova G.Z. too. Muhamedova G.Z. well developed this technique and organized activity, the work can be evaluated positively. The students have a very good command of the English language. The lesson conducted well  by the teacher Muhamedova G.Z,  all the students of group 301 of the treatment faculty became proficient in their medical terminology, and I think that in the future work on the creation of new educational technologies will continue. The teacher has achieved positive results and the students have learned well the subject.




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