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Scientific-medical journal “Herald of Tashkent Medical Academy”

Chief Editor:

Editorial board:

Deputy. Ch. editorProf. Vaisov A.S.

Dr. Inoyatova F.H.(PhD in Biology); Prof. Alyavi A.L., Prof. Bahretdinova F.H., Prof. Gadaev A.G., Academic Daminov T.A., Prof. Kamilova J.P., Prof. Mavlyanov I.R., Prof. Najmutdinova D.K., Prof. Teshaev O.R., Prof. Shaykhova G.I.

The registration certificate №02-00128 Tashkent, Uzbekistan

1. An application was submitted for registration of the “Journal-Herald of the Tashkent Medical Academy” to the Press and Information department of Tashkent City.
2. The decision of the Academic Council of TMA dated 28.10.2009
3. The charter of the “Journal-Herald of the Tashkent Medical Academy”
4. Guvohnoma 02-00128 from 24.03.2010

Requirements for Manuscripts

Articles are accepted only designed in strict accordance with the regulations.


  1. The manuscript is submitted in duplicate with the electronic version, in Uzbek and Russian languages with expert opinion, the cover letter sent to institutions and abstracts (not less than 10 and not more than 15 lines) in Uzbek, Russian and English languages.
  2. The manuscript should be typed only on the computer program «MS Word» and printed plain font, size 14 on one side of the sheet (A4) with a half interval fields. The paper should not exceed specified in each category.

III. The structure of the article:

 introductory part;

 research methods;

 research results;

 discussion;

 conclusions;

 literature list, drawn up in accordance with bibliographic rules.

The presentation material should be clear, concise, without long introductions, repetition and duplication in the text tables and figures.

  1. Each article should contain:

1) cipher Universal Decimal Classification (UDC);

2) The full title of the article; In Russian, Uzbek and English languages;

3) academic degree, academic title, authors names;

4) the name of the institution where the work was performed, showing the initials and surname of the supervisor;

5) postal email address and telephone numbers of the author to whom should lead editorial work;

6) The head of the visa or the institution the right to its publication, and at the end of the article – the signatures of all authors;

7) the words that the author believes to be allocated to them in the text are underlined. Special literal fonts and symbols (eg Greek letters), as well as references to figures and tables submitted to left field when first mentioned.

8) Units must be expressed in the International System of units (SI), if appropriate in parentheses after SI units may be specified dimension in other systems.

9) have to be the annotations in Russian, Uzbek and English languages

  1. References must be in strict accordance with the rules of the bibliographic description.
  2. Making illustrations. All illustrations (drawings, diagrams, photographs) should be in a separate file saved in a format CPT, BMP, CDR, JPG, TIF. On the back of each illustration indicates the “top”, the figure number, the name of the first author and the title of the article. Illustrations should be numbered according to the order they appear in the text.

Captions are printed on a separate sheet indicating the number of the figure. In the caption of micrographs indicated an increase of the eyepiece and objective.

VII. Making tables. Each table should be typed on a separate page, double-spaced, should have the name and, if necessary, footnotes. Tables should contain only the necessary data, and is a generalization and statistically processed materials research.

VIII. Making formulas. In the formulas must mark:

 uppercase and lowercase letters (capitals are indicated by two lines from the bottom, and the lower case – two lines above);

 Latin and Greek letters (Latin surrounded with a red, and Greek – blue);

 subscript and superscript, letters and numbers.

  1. Making literature. In the bibliography contribute no more than 10 works (excluding review articles) published in the last 5 years. For all works included in the bibliography, the text necessarily references in brackets !!! References shall be made in accordance with the guests’ bibliographic description of the document “and placed at the end of the article. Bibliography compiled strictly in alphabetical order by first author’s surname and chronologically, if given several publications of the same author. Titles of articles and books and magazines are provided in the language in which they were published. Translated into the language of submitting articles is not allowed !!!

The list shall be given: on the books – the surname of the author (s) and initials, full title of the book, place and year of publication; by magazines, collections of scientific papers: author’s surname and initials, title of article, name of the journal or collection, issue, page number – inside and out. The list does not include ABSTRACT them.

The list must be carefully verified by the author.

  1. Direction to the editor works already sent to other editions of previously published or is invalid.
  2. Articles are not designed according to the rules are not considered.

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