Distance learning system: This topical issue, which is becoming the main topic today, stems from the highest priorities of higher education, which are focused on the requirements of the next 10 years. These procedures are based on the objectives set out in the Concept for the Development of the Higher Education System.

The XVI International Conference, held on February 19, 2021 at the Tashkent Medical Academy, was dedicated to the topic “DISTANCE LEARNING IN MEDICINE”.

The conference began with a speech by the rector of the Tashkent Medical Academy, Professor Alisher Shadmanov on the benefits of distance education in medicine.

Teaching, learning … In the process of assimilating and disseminating knowledge accumulated by mankind over the centuries, we relied on the traditional occupations to which we are accustomed: work in the classroom, personal communication, conversations, and discussions. Our ancestors believed that a lesson learned directly from a teacher is the best way to transfer knowledge.

However, today we live in an era of rapid new technologies. Times have changed. People’s minds become accustomed to new and similar cognitive advances in the process of acquiring knowledge. In this case, new methods in higher education system, arising in connection with today’s demand and needs, have already paid off. Especially in this case, distance learning methodology turns out to be more effective than the traditional education system that we have been studying for centuries.

In an international online conference held at the Tashkent Medical Academy, comments and suggestions on the problems of distance learning and their solutions were discussed.

Experts on a single platform: Vilnius University Counselor, Professor Mindaugas Pauliukas, Global Health Expert, Epidemiologist, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Dr. Hamdard Nakibulla (Germany), as well as Annina Kangas Miemi, Professor of the University of Applied Sciences / Finland, presented reports on the accumulated experience in this area and the results achieved. The importance of visual and verbal communication in the development of educational programs in the process of distance communication was especially emphasized. The disadvantages of distance education have been openly recognized, and special attention has been paid to cooperation in addressing them.

The rector of the Tashkent Medical Academy A. Shadmanov noted that the infrastructure in this area plays an important role in overcoming existing shortcomings.

The conference participants proposed a full-fledged implementation of the E-MINBAR platform, which will be available in the form of lectures and practical exercises, online monitoring and mastering seminars on the development of distance learning services.

It was noted that there is a great need for the exchange of international experience in the implementation of technologies in the field of mastering lectures at home, conducting seminars in higher educational institutions.


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