At the Department of General and Pediatric Surgery No. 1, there is a circle “Kizlar uchun jarrohlik sirlar”. At the next lesson, the circle took place in the conditions of the TMA Simulation Center. Training takes place with the simulation of a clinical problem, the essence of which is the sequential mastering and repeated repetition of the algorithm of actions on the dummies in a specific clinical situation. This allowed the participants of the circle to acquire a number of advantages, in particular, the skill development is carried out without risk for the patient and the number of repetitions of the skill, for the performer, is not limited. The proposed and tested methodology for preparing primary students allows you to perform all practical skills. The participants of the circle using problem – oriented learning are inspired by the prospects of medical education in the context of real clinical scenarios and early clinical contact, at least in a simulation center. It should be noted that after completing the training, students are motivated to implement the acquired knowledge, which they actively use when undergoing industrial practice.

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