American professors held a series of lectures for TMA on COVID-19…

American professors held a series of lectures for TMA on COVID-19


In order to familiarize with international practice and expand scientific cooperation, online meetings, remote communication and lectures by foreign medical specialists and professors of the world’s leading universities are organized educational activities for students and faculty of the Tashkent Medical Academy.

As part of the partnership between TMA and the University of Pittsburgh (USA) under a grant from the American Councils for International Education, on March 24-26 this year, professors from the University of Pittsburgh conducted a series of consecutive lectures on COVID-19 for students and faculty of TMA.

During a series of lectures, American professors presented scientifically based information about the SARS-CoV-2 virus, including the history of other similar coronaviruses, the vital activity of the coronavirus, the structure of the genome, mechanisms of entry and transmission.

At the same time, individual lectures detailed the experience of organizing measures to combat COVID-19 within the university environment and the US student community, issues of vaccination and medical care for patients with COVID-19, cases from clinical practice and achieving the educational process in a remote format in a pandemic.

In addition to representatives of the academy, teachers from other medical universities of Uzbekistan also took part in these educational events – students of the Branch Center for Advanced Training and Retraining of Pedagogical Personnel at TMA, which will allow them to perforate the received relevant thematic information into their daily pedagogical activities.

Carrying out such events at TMA is primarily aimed at applying world achievements and the modern experience of leading foreign universities in the world in improving the quality of the educational process of the academy and improving the training of medical personnel.

Work in this direction continues.


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