Dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Abdulla Aripov…

On behalf of the Department of General and Pediatric Surgery No. 1 of the Tashkent Medical Academy, teacher Khudayberganova N.Sh., assistants: Boboev K.Kh., Khakimov K.M., Abdurakhmanov F.M.

Dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Abdulla Aripov…

Abdulla Aripov was born on March 21, 1941, on New Year’s Day in the village of Nekoz, (Kasan) district, (Kashkadarya) region. The village is located in the foothills of the Kungrad.

Orifboy Ubaydulla oglu, the father of Abdulla was Oripov the youngest in the four sons and four daughters in the family, and he was the youngest of the sons.

Abdulla Aripov was a student when his poem “Bird” was first published in the republican press. The poet’s first [collection of poems], Little Star, was published in 1965. Then the “path” (1967), “Onajon”, “Rewind” (1974), “The wind” (1974). He has published a number of books, including. In Abdulla Aripov’s poems, philosophical depth is combined with passionate lyricism and human sincerity.

Abdulla Aripov has done a lot to acquaint our people with the best examples of world literature. He skillfully translated Dante’s «Divine Comedy “ into Uzbek, as well as the poems of such poets as L. Ukrainka, T. Shevchenko, N. Nekrasov, K. Kuliev, and R. Khamzatov. His “Spring”“My First Love” , “Autumn” , “Uzbekistan” “Crowd” , “Face” This feature is evident in his poems  “My Thoughts Without You” and others.

These works are classic examples of Uzbek national poetry and are distinguished by their high artistic value, logical strength, enthusiasm, charm and richness of lyrical sentiments.

The anthem of the newly independent Republic of Uzbekistan is sung by Abdulla Aripov.

Poet Abdulla Aripov was the first among the artists to be awarded the title of “Hero of Uzbekistan” in 1998 for his contribution to the development of spirituality and aesthetic thinking of the nation.



Author: senior teacher Khudayberganova N.Sh.

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