Dedicated to the birthday of Abdulla Qodiri…

On behalf of the Department of “1-General and Pediatric Surgery” of the Tashkent Medical Academy, dedicated to the birthday of Abdulla Qodiri…

Abdulla Qodiri is a brilliant, well-known poet and writer, playwright and publicist, the founder of the novel genre in Uzbek literature. Kadyri’s works are dedicated to the life of the Uzbek people. Based on an unpublished play by Abdullah Qadiri in the 1920s, director Mark Weil staged “White and White Storks” at the Inspiration Theater in Tashkent.

Abdulla Qodiri (Julqunboy) was born in 1894 in Tashkent to a wealthy merchant family. The environment of his youth and adolescence consisted of merchants, rich and poor peasants, talented artisans, artisans in need, and landless peasants. This world of hardworking people, as well as the urban intelligentsia, played an important role in the formation of the future writer.

In 1957, Abdullah Qadiri was officially acquitted. But reports that he was shot (as well as information that he was acquitted after his death) have been kept secret for years! Thus, when the novel The Last Days was translated into Russian in 1958, it contained an uninformed biography of Abdullah Qadiri’s death. The author of the biography is a well-known writer Izzat Sultanov. The Russian version of the novel “Scorpion from the Altar” contains unknown information for biography. It reads: “Abdullah Qadiri died in 1939.”

Currently, the central streets of Tashkent, the cultural park near Chorsu and the Yunusabad metro station are named after the author.

Qadiri’s creative gems – the historical novels “Last Days” (1926) and “Scorpion from the Altar” (1929) – are the first works on the historical theme of Uzbek literature.

Abdullah Qadiri’s interest in the historical subject is explained by his desire to understand the past of his people, his patience, hard work, and the people’s heroic struggle for freedom and independence.



Author: senior lecturer Nasiba Khudayberganova

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