Dedicated to the birthday of Amir Temur…

Tashkent Medical Academy, on behalf of the Department of “1-General and Pediatric Surgery”, dedicated to the birthday of Amir Temur…

Our ancestor Amir Temur inherited many wise sayings about nature, human health, beautification of deserts and the development of agriculture. “… I have ordered the construction of mosques, madrasas, khanaqas, baths in every city, the construction of rabats on the roads for foreigners, the construction of bridges over rivers. Whoever builds a desert or a garden, or builds a ruined place, let him take nothing from it in the first year, and in the third year he should collect tribute according to the law.

Dozens of irrigation canals have been built in the agricultural oases of Movarunnahr, especially in the Zarafshan valley, and agricultural lands have been expanded. Cemeteries and shrines were renovated.

The Old Anhar Canal in Kashkadarya Province was built by Amir Temur in honor of his victory over our ancestor Sultan Boyazid. According to historian Hafiz Abro, Amir Temur saw the destruction of landscaping and farming in the Murgab Valley in Khorasan, dug 20 canals from the river and pumped water to lay the foundations for farming and landscaping. On his instructions, bridges were built to Kohak – Zarafshan, Amudarya and Syrdarya. A canal was also dug from Syrdarya and Ahangaron. According to Sahibkiran’s order, irrigation works were carried out in Bukhara, Samarkand, Shakhrisabz and Fergana. Similar creations have continued in other parts of the country. He built a 42-kilometer canal in remote Karabakh. He built 12 gardens in the Azerbaijani city of Mughan.

During the reign of Amir Temur, unique gardens were created and given unique names. The first information about them can be found in the works of historians, poets and tourists of the past. Amir Temur’s gardens are also depicted in miniatures by medieval artists.



Author: senior lecturer Nasiba Khudayberganova

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