Interactive services

  1. Approval of the diploma
  2. Getting information from the workplace
  3. Getting a student certificate
  4. Regulations for student information
  5. Submission of applications for withdrawal of applicants’ documents
  6. Regulations for withdrawal of abituriers’ docu- ment
  7. Apply for Residence in Student Residence
  8. Regulations for applying for a residence permit
  9. Getting to know students
  10. Procedure for obtaining information about students
  11. Vacancy positions
  12. Vacancy rankings regulations
  13. Admission to Rector’s Office
  14. Rector’s Regulations
  15. Reception of applicants for electronic applicants (bachelor)
  16. Electron acceptance regulations of applicants
  17. Reception of entrants for electronic applicants (magistracy)
  18. Elsevier, EBSCO, HINARY, MedLine, Springer
  19. ИС ARMAT
  20. Корпоративная электронная почта
  21. TTA Moodle tizimi:
  22. Procedure for Electronic Reception of Applications
  23. Applying for a scholarship competition
  24. The rules for applying for the competition for the scholarships
  25. Applying for the “Best pedagogue of higher education institution”
  26. The best pedagogical regulations of the higher education institution
  27. Apply for the contest “The Best Textbook and Theoretician of the Year”
  28. The rules for applying for the best textbooks and manuals of the year
  29. Apply for academic leave
  30. Procedure for applying for a scholarship
  31. Apply to apply for a scholarship
  32. Procedure for applying for a scholarship

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