The meeting of the Rector of TTA with Academic lyceum alumni and their parents

In order to implement of the Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan from September 26, 2017 “On further improvement of the system of targeted training of candidates for entrance to universities”, Rector of TMA  L.N. Tuychiev met with graduates of the academic lyceum under the TMA and their parents. The meeting was attended by the heads of corresponding departments of the TMA Academic Lyceum. Vice rector for Academic Lyceum and Colleges S.Baimakov made the speech. In his report titled “Stepped to Higher Education”, he described the current status of the academic lyceum, the alumni’s chosen directions. He mentioned that both the academic lyceum graduates and parents should pay attention to raise the index of admission into medical institutions. The head of the TMA preparatory course, O. Muydinov, assistant professor of the Department of Medical and Biological Chemistry, gave a comprehensive overview on the course content and the process of its implementation. Alumni and their parents got answers from the rector of the TMA, the vice-rector and the director of the AL. After the meeting both the medical academy and the academic lyceum team, the parents determined the tasks that should be taken to improve the admission level of graduates. The meeting was very interesting.


Vice rector for Academic lyceums and colleges


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