At TMA was XIV – educational – methodic seminar «The role and efficacy of the innovative pedagogical technologies in reforms of high medical education»

On the 8th January, in Tashkent medical academy there was XIV educational – methodic seminar «The role and efficacy of the innovative pedagogical technologies in reforms of high medical education». In the event it was participated the leader specialists of different public organizations, media and responsible employees of the high and secondary special education ministry. It should be mentioned that Tashkent medical academy holds traditionally such annual educational seminars in winter holydays.
The event was opened with opening speech of rector of Tashkent medical academy, Professor Tuychiev Lasis Nodirovich. In seminar it was considered the issues of the role of distance education in realization of medical education reforms, credit system of student knowledge assessment and production scientific educational module on the base of experience of the innovative development institute in Samara state medical university (online-lecture), monitoring informative system of educational process “YUNISIS” and the role of pedagogical technologies in the quality improvement of education as well.
On the seminar of Tashkent medical academy it was discussed a number of measures aimed at the quality improvement of education in 2018 – « The year of active enterprise, support of innovative ideas and technologies». In particular, it was developed the textbooks on the base of new educational programs on 37 subjects for the 1st and 2nd courses. From the beginning of 2018-2019 educational year it was performed the lectures, seminars and Master Classes with attraction about 120 foreign specialists and visiting of 280 professors of TMA the near foreign countries. It was prepared the joint master program with foreign partners on specialty of public health and management of public health and it was opened the public health center in collaboration with Tashkent medical academy and Korean health care industry development institute (KHIDI) and center of ethnoscience in the field of modern health care to carry forward scientific ability, to combine own achievements and to promote scientific researches in this field. The master program was designed on 2017-2018 educational year with Kore university specialists and in the result, it was created the first joint venture in the field of high education and it was developed cooperation of scientific – research center of collaboration in June 2018.
Beside it, one plans to develop educational literature of new generation for the training of high qualified specialists in Tashkent medical academy and provide with modern educational materials, educational – methodic and scientific literature, translation of literature, systematic replenishment of funds of informative – recourse centers, permanent improving of quality and level of professional skills of teaching staff with attraction of high qualified foreign scientists, teachers and specialists to educational process and centers of training and retraining of teaching and scientific staff on the broad as well. One designs further development of science, improving of integration with companies, creation of necessary conditions for comprehensive development of innovative and technological ideas, organization of systemic works on the initiative of professors, teachers, young scientists and students for developing of innovative technologies, and attraction of clever students to scientific activity. One considers the improving of material and technical base, educational and scientific laboratory institutions, sport complex. One plans building, reconstruction and overhaul of objects of engineering infrastructure on the base of complex development program of works on further fortification of research laboratories by priority directions of science with modern equipment and designing with modern informative communicative technologies.
The seminar was organized in follow sections:
1. Section of military medical faculty
2. Section of retraining and improving of qualification of teaching staff
3. Section of high nursing education
4. Section of training of GP
5. Section of social – humanitarian sciences
6. Section of medical prophylaxis science
7. Section of surgery, obstetrics and gynecology
8. Section of medical biology and fundamental subjects
9. Section of therapy
The speakers on plenary sessions exchanged views about further developing of efficacy of social politic reforms making in the country, especially about efforts on reformation of high medical education system and realization of accepted program.
On the final plenary session hold by the team of TMA it was taken a count the measures about further development of medical education in 2019 – The year of active investments and social development. On the base of recommendations on performance summary it was taken solutions.

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