A brief history

Faculty of Medicine, Turkestan State University

April 13, 1919, it was decided to open a medical faculty of Turkestan State University.

September 17, 1919, the opening of the first Turkestan State University, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine was elected Professor P.Sitnovsky.

September 7, 1920, a decree was established to create a university. The Faculty of Medicine was part of the University. Since 1921, doctors have started to prepare.

1919-1921 The material and technical base of the faculty was created.

In the following 1921-1924 gg. And 1924-1926. The faculty was headed by Professor KG Khrushchev and Professor MI Slonim. In these years, the material and technical base has improved, and the quality of clinical studies has improved significantly. In order to improve the quality and effectiveness of education and scientific and pedagogical content, a new pedagogical composition was proposed: professor NI Ragoza (internal and infectious diseases), AN Murzin (eye disease), ISMilman (dermatovenerology), NI Osinovsky (children’s disease), SA Molchanov (radiological), GN Terekhov (pathological anatomy), GI Ilyin (surgical surgery), SE Zimmerman (normal anatomy), M Astrov (Faculty Surgery), DA Vvedensky (urology). In 1922, 27 students graduated from the Medical Faculty.

In 1923, the medical faculty had 973 students, most of them (425) were women.

In the development of the faculty, the great contribution was made by the deans PF Borovskii (1926-1928), NI Ragoza (1928-1929) and GP Fedorov (1929-1931).

Tashkent State Medical Institute

In 1931, the medical faculty was renamed into a medical institute. In 1931, the first director was GP Fedorov, who was now dean of the medical faculty, and at the end of this year was appointed director of the Institute HU Umarov.

In 1932, the institute had 177 teachers, 25 of them professors, 26 assistant professors, 104 assistants and 1099 students.

From 1932 to 1936 the rector of the Institute was B.Sattarov.

In 1935 the Tashkent Medical Institute was known as the Central Asian Medical Institute.

In 1937, 1,400 students studied at the institute.

In 1938, MU Mirsagatov was appointed rector of the Institute. During this period, the leadership of the Republican Institute finances a number of new clinics (experimental construction, infectious diseases, oncology, prosthetics, orthopedics).

In 1940, the rector of the Institute was BIBerliner, and in 1941 RI Pulatov.

During the Second World War (1941-1945), more than 10 evacuation hospitals and some professors were opened at the institute: DA Vvedensky, LD Vasilenko, AM Geller, BA Stekolnikov and others went to the front.

In 1944 Y.K. Muminov was the rector at the Institute.

Tashkent State Medical Institute trained 2,122 physicians out of them 1,630 were sent to the front. Among them were MAAshrapova, M.Muharramov, SAFayziev, NKAhmedov, M.Akmalov, U.Umarov, VSKarukhina, LIVaskovskaya, L.E.Stutragatskaya , SA Dopimov, FF Amirov, ND Makhsumov, NA Kanbulin and others.

In the history of Tashkent State Medical Institute, in memory of those who perished during the war, the names of AA Airapetov, RL Aminov, AY Gul’torov, GD Mukhanov, VI Majitov, RS Oripov , N.G.Rashchenko, Z.S.Rzhevsky, U.Z. Umarova and U. Khikmatkhzhaev.

In 1945, Z. Zokhidov was appointed rector. After the war, a six-year study was established. During this period, new educational programs were created by professors and teachers. The Institute was equipped with new specialized medical equipment

In 1945-1946, the faculty totaled 2,752 students, of which 600 were enrolled for one year. Classes were conducted in Uzbek and Russian.

In 1947 Y. Kh.Turakulov was appointed rector of the Institute. For 12 years of existence of the Institute, a major problem was the conduct of scientific research in the field of targeted research.

In 1950, A. Yu.Lulomov was appointed rector of Tashkent State Medical Institute, who worked for 15 years, until 1965.

1945-1953 the number of students increased from 2,752 to 3,158.

In 1954 the stomatological faculty was opened.

By the mid-1960s, the institute had 57 doctors, 18 honored scientists, 13 doctors of science, 2 corresponding members. The Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan (AA Askarov, NI Ismoilov) and 2 in the former Soviet Union the full members of the Academy of Sciences (ZI Umidov, EI Atakhanov), 57 professors, 22 of them Uzbeks.

Since 1962, students from Asia, Africa and Latin America have started to study at the Institute.

In 1960-1967, the evening department of the medical faculty was opened. In 1961, the institute had 4,000 students, of whom 2,395 were indigenous women.

In September 1965, the academician K.A. Zufarov was appointed the rector of the Institute.

In 1971, in connection with the appointment of Academician K. A. Zufarov as Director of the Central Asian Medical Research Institute, Academician U.A. Aripov was appointed Rector, who was in charge until 1984.

In 1972, more than 10 thousand students were engaged in the 2nd medical, pediatric, sanitary-hygienic, and dental faculties and 1,500 enrolled for 1 course.

In 1972, students of the pediatric faculty of Tashkent State Medical Institute moved to the Central Asian Institute of Pediatrics, now the Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute.

In 1961 in Tashkent State Medical Institute there were 22 students from foreign countries, in 1980 their number exceeds 170.

By the end of 1980, the institute had 1,042 faculty members, including 6 academicians, 24 Uzbek doctors, 90 doctors of medical sciences, professors, 207 candidates of medical sciences, associate professors, students.

During this period, the Institute improved the educational, educational, methodological, scientific, state and international relations. The Institute established cooperation with leading medical institutions in Hungary, Germany, Poland and Russia. In 1984 professor O.S.Mahmudov was appointed the rector of the Institute. In 1987, Professor Nikolai Shomirzayev was appointed rector at the elections. During these years our students began to enter the leading medical institutes of Russia and Ukraine. For 2 years the number of students increased by 2000.

First and Second Tashkent State Medical Institute

By decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic in 1990, two medical institutes were established on the basis of the old and new buildings of Tashmi in Tashkent: the First Tashkent State Medical Institute and the Second Tashkent State Medical Institute.

The first rector of the First Tashkent State Medical Institute is Professor, Academician of the Academy of Sciences TA Daminov, the rector of the Second Tashkent State Medical Institute is Professor Kh. Ya. Karimov.

At the initial stage, there were 2 faculties in the First Tashkent State Medical Institute: medical and dental, in the Second Tashkent State Medical Institute there were also 2 faculties: medical and sanitary-hygienic.

Office and training center

In March 1992, the first branch of the Tashkent State Medical Institute in the city of Urgench was opened. In March 1992, in the city of Fergana, in the Ferghana State University, the Sanitary and Hygienic Faculty was opened at the medical center, later this center became a branch of the Second Tashkent State Medical Institute. In the First Tashkent State Medical Institute was opened faculty of professional development of teachers. Later, in 1998, the faculty for the upgrading of teachers became a center. Both institutes began training general practitioners since 1998. In 2000, the Master’s program was opened for the training of highly qualified scientific and pedagogical staff and medical specialists.

Tashkent Medical Academy

To improve the quality of training highly qualified medical personnel, the effectiveness of the organization of the educational process necessary to meet the needs of modern education and create a material and technical base, enriched with new content based on the latest educational technologies for future professional medical practice in teaching special skills on the basis of the abolished First and Second Tashkent State Medical Institutes by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan I.А. Karimova for the No.UP-3629 dated July 19, 2005, the Tashkent Medical Academy was established.

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