Lecture by Professor Mark Bonnel, President of the Association “Avicenna-France”

August 30, 2017 in the Tashkent Medical Academy was held a meeting and negotiations of the rector of the Academy Professor L. Tuichiev with the President of the Association “Avicenna-France” (French Republic) Dr. Mark Bonnel.

For your information: Dr. Bonnel is an international health consultant and for a long time (from 1983 to 1998) represented France in the Permanent Council of Medics of the European Community.

Since 2003, he headed the Association “Avicenna-France”, which was established as a branch of the International Foundation named by Ibn Sino.

This meeting was organized within the framework of expansion and development of international cooperation of TMA in the field of medical education.

During the talks, topical issues of expanding and developing scientific and practical cooperation in the field of medical education with the leading institutions of France were discussed. Prof. L. Tuichiev emphasized that the academy is interested and ready to invite French professors and experts.

Then the lecture was presented by M. Bonnel for the teaching staff and students of the Academy. In the lecture prof. M. Bonnell spoke about the activities of the Association, the main goals and objectives, as well as the importance and grandeur of the heritage that Abu Ali Ibn Sino left behind in the history of world medicine.


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