Prospects for the Development of Higher Education

The National Office of Erasmus + in Uzbekistan announces a set of articles for publications in the Fifth Annual Scientific and Methodological Collection “Prospects for the Development of Higher Education”, which is devoted to international experience in improving the quality of education.

The purpose of the journal is to increase the effectiveness of the educational process in the Republic of Uzbekistan by analyzing and informing about progressive methods, achievements, tendencies and problems in the field of higher education.

Priority topics of issue number 5:

  • International experience in raising the level of education
  • Partnership Programs in Higher Education
  • Internationalization of higher education
  • Doctoral studies, academic degrees
  • Information technologies in education

For the first time for publication aimed at students and young researchers involved in projects for the exchange of knowledge on credit mobility, foreign experience, acquired in the period of stay in the leading EU universities.

In addition, the collection can cover the following topics:

  • Pedagogical methods
  • Informational support of the educational process
  • Study of foreign languages. Innovative methods of teaching foreign languages
  • Advanced training and international accreditation
  • Business / academic cooperation
  • Financing of higher education
  • Evaluation of the quality of education
  • New curricula and disciplines
  • International integration in the educational sphere
  • Joint educational programs
  • Joint research projects
  • Joint scientific and educational publications

Language of publications: Uzbek, English, Russian.

Requirements for articles:

  1. The content of the article should disclose one or several topics of the journal, be unpublished, analytical, contain elements of scientific novelty, and have useful information for the development of higher education in Uzbekistan.
  2. The requirement for registration: not more than 10 pages, font Times New Roman, format 12, indents: from above, from below, from the left and from the right – 2 cm.

Name (printed), interval, name and surname, degree, place of work, interval, short abstract in English. (If the article is in English, then the abstract in Uzbek)

Separate: brief information about the author.

  1. The editorial board has the right to reject the article if it does not meet the requirements of the collection.

The deadline for submitting articles is August 25, 2017.

For more information, contact the International Department of TMA: +998 71 2148291

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