In November 28, 2017 will be held the second international symposium in cooperation with  TTA and Korea University (Graduate School of Public Health, Korea University).The rapid growth of human activity, the growth of vehicles, the improvement of aviation, the extensive use of agricultural pesticides, the rise of various emergencies, destructive and tragic changes in the earth’s crust, especially climate change, the displacement of the ozone layer in the atmosphere, pollution, desertification zones in some geographical areas and heavy salinity of soils result in forested areas. and the loss of many species of flora and fauna. The most inconsistent outcome in this situation is that every change in the external environment has a negative impact on the human body and its offspring. The symposium examines the effects of ecological and environmental factors on human health and the results of research on disease prevention. Location: Academic lyceum conference hall of the Tashkent Medical Academy Start time: 9-00

We invite all professors and students to this symposium !!!

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