For the pupils of Bekobod medical college teachers of ETN and stomatology department organized seminar lectures.

In November 9, 2011, in a purpose of strengthen the cooperation between medical colleges and Tashkent Medical Academy the senior lecturer of  ETN and stomatology department of TTA, B.K.Normurodov, assistants Sh.Sh.Yusupov and I.N.Nigmatov visited Bekabad medical college. A seminar on ” Diseases of the Mucous membrane of the oral cavity ” was organized for the students and teachers of the department of nursing care. During the seminar detailed information was given on the anatomical and physiological structure of oral mucosa, diseases of the mucous membranes of the oral cavity, causes of their origin, symptoms and measures to provide first aid.

During the workshops, the students were provided with information about TTA, and slides were shown on “Do you know TTA”. Pupils and teachers received answers to their questions. The information was prepared in Power Point program as an electron presentation.

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