TMA departments carry out propaganda work under the motto “New Uzbekistan – a new worldview”

11/12/2020 In the Tashkent region, Kelese mahalla Kir-arik, an event was held on the topic

“New Uzbekistаn and new worldview” was attended by the chairman of the mahalla M.Kh.

Professors – the teaching staff of the Tashkent Medical Academy, including Okhunova A.O

Fakirova A.Z., Bobekova A.R., Khudayberganova N.Sh., and Karimzhanov Zh.M. from the National University of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Deputy Director of Cola No. 10 H. Tashmukhamedov., Honored Artist of Uzbekistan A. Atabaev, Chairman of the Commission on Elderly Issues F. Bahramov.

There was a speech by Gofurova on the development of Uzbekistan in five strategic directions, and then there was a speech by children from school number 10.

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