Department of Civil Protection and Occupational Health and Safety

Juraeva Nigora Raҳbarovna

Head of Department

Phone: +998 71 214-90-42



  1. The tasks of the department of “Civil Protection and Labor Protection”
  2. Organizes and coordinates work on labor protection and fire safety in TMA.
  3. It monitors compliance in the structural units of legislative and regulatory legal acts on labor protection and fire safety.
  4. Carries out preventive work to prevent occupational injuries and measures to create healthy and safe working conditions.
  5. Provides for introductory and repeated briefings, training and testing of knowledge on occupational safety and health in TMA.
  6. Organizes propaganda and information on issues of labor protection and fire safety in TMA.
  7. Provides departments of the Academy with rules, regulations, instructions, posters and other visual aids on labor protection, and also provides them with methodological assistance in equipping relevant information stands.



Matchanova Gavkhar Atabaevna

Engineer of the department for labor protection

Phone: +998 (71) 214-90-42; (90) 557-44-13





Agzamova Umida Sagdullaevna

Engineer of the Civil Protection Department

Phone: +998 (71) 214-90-43; (90) 814-30-51;



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