Sports Complex

Ermatov Shukhrat Farkhadovich

Head of Sport complex

Contacts: 150-78-27

Email address:

  Tashkent Medical Academy operates from 2008. The main activity of the sports complex is to conduct classes on physical culture and sport for the first and second year students of Tashkent medical academy and for students of lyceum under Tashkent medical academy and to hold sporting events on the base of approved the plan.

There are 4 teachers on the subject of physical culture and sports. They hold out-class activities on football, volleyball, table tennis, weightlifting, wrestling, dzyu-do and provides the participation of students in various competitions.

It was organized the sections on football, volleyball, table tennis, weightlifting(bodybuilding), wrestling, dzyu-do in order to attract young generation for healthy life with sport.

Type of activity Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Responsible teachers
Football 16-00 16-00 Davletmuratov Davron
volleyball 16-00 16-00 Karimov Abduvohid
table tennis 16-00 16-00 Inagamov Bakhrom
Chess 16-00 16-00 Ermatov Shukhrat


17-00 17-00 Ermatov Shukhrat
Box 17-00 17-00 17-00 Omonov Jamol
weightlifting(bodybuilding) 16-00 16-00 16-00 16-00 16-00 16-00 Ermatov Shukhrat
Light athletics 16-00 16-00 Karimov Abduvohid

The area of the sport complex is 53.436 м2 and consists of the stadium, manege of basketball, volleyball, handball, tennis and light athletics. Besides there are sport hall with area of 48х34 for basketball, volleyball, handball classes and also training and wrestling hall under the platform.

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