Rector’s Welcome

Alisher ShadmanovDear friends, colleagues and all who study and work in the Academy!

Tashkent Medical Academy is a leading medical university in the Republic of Uzbekistan for training in the field of medicine. Since 2005, we are preparing specialists of the most humane profession in the world. During the years of fruitful Academy has become one of the leading medical schools in the Republic of Uzbekistan, with certainty declare itself on the international medical arena and boldly compete with more established universities.

In the structure of the Academy 6 faculties: treatment, medical-pedagogical, medical-prophylactic, medical-biological and nursing higher education.

Tashkent Medical Academy – a higher educational institution of the modern type of high scientific and pedagogical potential, a wide range of educational communication, extensive network of international contacts, a high level of social vocation training. In recent years, multiplies the best traditions of the academy, open new avenues of education undergraduate and master’s degree, protected thesis, improving the material and technical base.

International cooperation with leading universities in Europe and Asia. In recent years, the TMA open and functioning joint training centers with the Republic of Korea, the United States, where students combine basic training at the academy with training centers based on modern technology.
As you know , education, and science today are the basis of innovative development of the country. In modern conditions immeasurably increased the role of higher education. In an era of steadily increasing globalization priority is the improvement of the education system. After all, the competitiveness of the state in the first place depends on the level of education of the citizens.

We know that you have made the important decision of his life – to become a doctor , and are sure that you do not scare the exams and ” granite ” medical science will you endure.

We wish all the students of our academy to learn this wonderful, joyful communion and the developing world to medicine , and we will help you with this.

Alisher Shadmanov
Rector of TMA

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