Investments and Grants

Grants of foreign scientific research centers and orders from foreign research funds * Total sum
Grant or Order Name Summary
1 Academic Innovation Fund. Improving the learning process by using innovative and imitational technologies. 140000 US Dollars. 200000 USD.
2 Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Republic of Korea in the Republic of Korea and Korea “Uluchshenie obrazovaniya v oblasti zdravooxraneniya v TMA” 165900 USD 165900
3 Project «« Рекомендующая результатов оказания медицинской помощи при хронических заболевания – совершенствование учебной программы на уровне магистратуру »» образовательной программы Европейского роза «Эразмус плюс» 2998,00 Euro 2998,00 Euro
4 KUSUM HEALTHCARE PVT.LTD (India) “Evaluation of clinical efficacy of panashic medication for inpatient and outpatient clinics of TTA 1 clinic” 3865,6 USD 3865,6
* In order to confirm the proceeds, the electronic version of the supporting documents signed by the Chief Accountant of the HEI and the Rector of the OTU will be attached.

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