Student Housing

 The Tashkent Medical Academy has 5 student dormitories with 1740 beds and currently accommodates 1720 students. The student hostel is managed by the TMA Administration and the Directorate of dormitory in accordance with the Regulation “Student Dormitory” and TC.

At the entrance to the student dormitory, there is a turnstile to prevent strangers from entering the campus and ensure safety. Students are allowed to enter the campus through a turnstile. In student dormitories, individual district guards were allocated to district police officers.

The student hostel has all the conditions for living, studying and relaxing. Each residence has a living room (equipped with a modern TV, upholstered furniture), a spiritual room, a kitchen, a computer room (for Internet access) and a library. The building has Wi-Fi zone, in addition, the hostel has drawing, sewing, art, computer literacy and foreign languages. There is a gym for students, a field for football with artificial sward, volleyball and basketball courts.

In the student dormitory, the dean of the faculty, its assistants and professors are responsible for students. In addition, in each residence there is a curator for working with students.

In dormitory, spiritual and educational events, round tables, holiday programs are held according to wishes of students.

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