Publishing jobs

Patents, licenses and inventions received

In 2018, the Academy received patents for the following research:

“Funding Grant Program (PLLRO.exe) on the Project for Development and Management of Prognozovaniya Ischeka Logic and Plasma (PLLRO.exe)”, which is being implemented in 2018. Tashkent Medical Academy August 13, 2018, Karimov M.Yu., Kholmurodov U.T., Inoyatova FX, Kadirov R.H. # DGU 05624
Программа для EVM «Algorithmic program of early diagnosis of diabetes mellitus 2 and patients with the risk group of the disease (40 years of age and older)» October 12, 2018, Yusupov O.F., Shagazatova BX, Musahanov A.K. # DGU 05726.
“The Real Symbols of Medical Science”. 5 times 2018 g, Tuychiev LN, Bobomuratov T.A., Abdurakhmanova N.X. # 000718
“Dedication to Talent”. The Tashkent Medical Academy 5 times 2018, Tuychiev LN, Bobomuratov T.A., Razzakova А.А., Khudoykulov DX, Polvanov R.B. # 000719
Программа для EVM «Программа для оценки результатов лечения деформациями передного отдела стopy» November 9, 2018, Asilova S.U., Ubaydullaev B.Sh., Nazarov R.B. No. DGU 05788
Программа для EVM «Программа для выбора метода лечения добракащественных опухоley и опухолеподобных жабооляний костей конечностей» October 26, 2018, № DGU05847 Umarova Gulrux Shavkatovna.
Ob isobreteniax, poleznyx modelyax i promyshlennyx obraztsax “Endometrium of spesob prognozovaniya neoplasii sheykki matki u jenshchin s hyperplasticheskoe process”. June 20, 2018, № IAP 05626, Yuldasheva D.Yu., Karimov H.Ya., Boboev А.Т., Komilova IA, Sadikova D.R.
Software for EVM «The electronic program of dynamic observation algorithm of personnel in the primary health care system for patients with hypertension» August 24, 2018, № DGU 05595 Gadaev A., Gulyamova Sh.S., Bazarbaev MI, Musaxonov А.К.
Программа для EVM «Оценка степени приверенности к терапии и способы его повышения в первичном звене здравоохранения» February 1, 2018г, № DGU 05011 Abdumalikova F.B., Nurillaeva N.М.
The scientific results obtained by the faculty of the Academy in 2018: 9 paents, 299 in international scientific journals, 439 scientific articles in the republican scientific journals. 33 monographs, 8 textbooks, 126 manuals were prepared by professors and teachers in the field of scientific research. Number of theses published in scientific conferences: 300 at international congresses, congresses, conferences; At republic scientific conferences – 592, at conference conferences – 112

Information about the publication of the Tashkent Medical Academy
The publishing and printing center, which is the founder of the Tashkent Medical Academy, has been publishing its own publishing house at the center in the beginning to prepare printing materials for the needs of the university.
Nowadays he works as a publishing house and a printing house specializing in publishing scientific, scientific literature in the country. His main activity is the textbooks, manuals, monographs, dictionaries, scientific and technical, informational technologies for the universities, professional colleges and academic lyceums under the license A1 №176, issued by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan on 11 June 2010, publishing materials.
Employees in publishing houses and printing houses are formed on a competitive basis, and nowadays publishers and editors specialize in producing quality and meaningful editions of science, technology, economics, information technology and medicine.
The publishing house is one of the leading publishers in the republic.
For the period of its existence the publishing house and the printing house cooperate with the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Ministry of Public Education, the Center for the Development of Higher and Secondary Special Education, the Center for Secondary Specialized, Vocational Education.
The company also accepts and carries out orders from other insiders, legal entities and individuals.

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