Social protection

Today, the country has a solid legislative base of care and attention to the socially vulnerable layers of the population, and it is being improved in line with the requirements of the time. The Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, over a dozen normative-legal acts serve to extend the scope of efforts in this area. In particular, the 2008 Law on Social Protection of Persons with Disabilities in Uzbekistan is a solid foundation for the social protection of persons with disabilities.

The execution of this law was carried out by the responsible employees of the Ministries of Labor and Social Protection, Health, Public Education.
In the system of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, the Center for Rehabilitation and Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities and the Regional Rehabilitation Centers provide medical and psychological, social, vocational rehabilitation services and legal assistance to people with disabilities. Each year, disabled people receive complex rehabilitation procedures at these facilities.
In the health care system, a number of activities are underway to fulfill the tasks set out in the present Law. In particular, rehabilitation services for children with disabilities are regularly provided. At the same time, the necessary measures are being taken to improve the work of children’s rehabilitation centers and various sanatoriums in this direction.
It was emphasized that the coverage of children with disabilities in preschool education, general secondary, secondary special and vocational education is one of the top priorities. It was emphasized that the Ministry of Public Education has established multidisciplinary pre-school educational institutions for children with special needs, as well as for the convenience of the population. Children of this category receive education in special schools and boarding schools for children with disabilities.

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