For foreign applicants

Citizens of foreign countries, for studying at the Tashkent Medical Academy, can choose any of the areas available in TMA (with all areas of study available in TMA, see here)

Admission start on June 15, 2021. To become a student of TMA, you must pass an interview.

To participate in the interview, you must submit the following documents:

– an application addressed to the rector of TMA indicating the direction, language and form of training;

– contact information with the address and phone numbers (including the phone numbers of parents of applicants);

– the original and a copy of the certificate / diploma indicating the subjects studied and the marks (points) obtained from them with a notarized translation into Russian or Uzbek;

– national and foreign passport (with copies) or birth certificate (if you have a residence permit, you must also provide a copy);

– 6 photo cards measuring 3.5 x 4.5 cm.

All of the above documents can be submitted online!

An electronic version of these documents is submitted to

Answers to frequently asked questions (in Uzbek, Russian, Turkmen, Tajik and English) can be found here.

Do you want to ask in person?

Call the numbers: +998931920867 or +998931930867 

For those who want to study in an international educational program

Do you want to study in an international educational program and get two diplomas at the same time?

We invite you to become a student of the joint (double diploma) Tashkent Medical Academy and Kazan State Medical University of the educational program “General Medicine”.

Education takes place according to the 3 + 3 mechanism (3 years of study at the Tashkent Medical Academy in Tashkent and 3 years of study at Kazan State Medical University in Kazan).

Based on the results of studying under this program, diplomas of the Tashkent Medical Academy and Kazan State Medical University are issued (2 diplomas).

The program is being implemented for the second year!

Hurry up to become a medical student of the international educational program.

Do you have questions?

We are always happy to present you information on the numbers:

+998931920867 or +998931930867 

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