Deadline for applying for admission fee to Tashkent medical academy in the 2022-2023 academic year on the basis of a regular (recommended for undergraduate, clinical residency and graduate studies) and differentiated (super) contract (through and payment of 50% should Read more

Eduard Zakirziyanovich Yakubov

Open lecture on “The structure of autonomic nervous system”

Director of the “Professor Yakupovs’ neuroclinics”, honored doctor in RF professor Eduard Yakupov is invited to deliver an open lecture on “The structure of autonomic nervous system” on the 28 th of September at 10.00 AM in the conference hall Read more

TMA Admissions

Call Center

Dear applicants and their parents! Applicants wishing to enter to universities in 2022-2023 academic year must online register through the website of the state test center ( Numbers of CALL CENTER of Tashkent Medical Academy +998954754501 +998954754502 +998954754503 +998954754504 +998954754506 Read more