Department of сooperation with academic lyceums and colleges

Farukhitdinovna Shakhnoza Usmanova

The head of department .

Candidate of medical sciences

 Phone: +99871214-89-52


The department of cooperation with lyceums and colleges in Tashkent medical academy

  1. Improving educational and methodical works
  2. Developing mental and cultural knowledge of students
  3. Renewal books and other literatures
  4. Developing practical skills in medical colleges
  5. Improving practical skills of pedagogues
  6. Organizing sport activities among youth
  7. Creating new sources of literature
  8. Hard working with talented students
  9. Helping to find job for graduated students and provocation to continuing education

Activities of  our department

According to order №137 2016 22 of march of Ministry of health care of Uzbekistan Tashkent medical academy should make  cooperation with colleges such as P.F Borovski, Zangiota ,Bekobod, Olmaliq , Chirchiq ,Angren ,Yangiyul and also Gulistan Sirdarya and  with Yangiyer medical colleges Nowadays our department of cooperation with lyceums and colleges also started cooperation with Sergeli ,Olmazor medical colleges  and Shaykhontokhur  Transport college in  Tashkent by initiative their heads . The department of cooperation with lyceums and colleges in Tashkent medical academy also actively support   cooperation between teachers from medical colleges and Professors , and other teachers  of  Tashkent medical academy .By initiative department of cooperation with lyceum and colleges of Tashkent medical academy is organized several competitions and activities  . First of all is organized presentation with students medical  colleges and lyceums for memory our first president I.A Karimov “The memory of I.A Karimov is immortal ”, competition  among students from different medical colleges   in sphere of works our first president  and also our department  organize not only educational programs also we support  the sport, healthy life style   and  we organize several sport and cultural competitions for example  among student of medical colleges and lyceums  basketball ,volleyball  and tennis contests ,also was organized meeting  with academics such as SH.I Karimov ,T.I Iskandarov,T.O Daminov,T Soatov, professors N.X Shomirzaev ,A.M Khakimov ,M.M Asadullaev,Z.P Ibodullaev  in which students of medical colleges  could  ask questions about medicine and about life ,works of teachers .For improving education in colleges and lyceums in 2017 23 of march  by initiative our Academy  is  organized  conference between rector of Tashkent medical academy L.N Tuychiev  and directors of medical collleges .

The department of cooperation with lyceums and colleges also organized  variety of cultural competitions  such as “Navruz-  song of  spring” , “The best nurse  ”, “Let’s talk in English ” which served as a source of  making new friends and exchanging ideas and getting knowledge for medical students  also  during the  competitions students had  a wonderful chance to get information about  news in sphere of medicine .

In 2017 on 20 and 21  of April students of medical colleges was invited to excursion to Tashkent medical academy in which  they had been in different departments of our academy  such as Pediatric department , Therapeutic  department , department of high educated nurse faculty, Cardiological   department , department of allergological  and  other ,during the tour  they had a chance listen to lectures in which they could ask questions and got fully answers from teachers of departments .

During the year the department of cooperation with lyceums and medical  colleges organized 16 cultural meetings and  competitions , sport activities ,160 methodological and educational activities,120 cultural ,25 conferences in sphere of new educational technology ,25 seminars about  employment and continuing education ,12 times was organized excursions to Tashkent medical academy , and also published 21 manuals .

Khasanova  Mashkhura Abduvalievna                  

The Methodist of department

 Phone: 214-89-52



In 2016 and 2017  180 of our teachers  was  trained for a new quality  in re quality  center.

The information about colleges

The name of college Address Telephone number
1 Medical college P.F Borovskiy Mirobod district Shakhrisabz  street 8 100060 Phone number  (8-371)233-74 60

Fax (8-371)236 -38-03

2 Angren medical college Tashkent region Angren Govoruxin street 1 Phone number (83-70 )66-2-35-25
3 Chirchiq medical college Chirchiq Lomonosov street 7 Phone number (83-70)71-6-68-99

Fax 71-6-68 -99

4 Bekobod medical college Bekobod G Gulomov street Phone number 214-02-06 Fax 214-02-06

Bekobod tibbiyot


5 Yangiyul medical college Yangiyul . Toshkent shox street  56 Phone number (80-70)3-77-06 Fax 3-77 06
6 Zangiota medical college Zangiota region shifokorlar street Phone number (83-70)975-62-99
7 Olmaliq medical college Olmaliq 6/1 namuna street Phone number (8370 )61 3-25-77 Fax 61-3 28-31
8 Guliston medical college Gulistan 3 ibn sino street 14 Phone number(867)226-48-58 Fax
9 Sirdaryo medical college Sirdaryo region ziyokorlar street Phone number(95)510-05-10 sir
10 Yangiyer medical college Sirdaryo region pakhtakor street 1 Phone number 350-25-33



The name of college Address Telephone number
1 Olmazor medical college Olmazor district Shifokorlar street 2 12-6 building Phone number (8-371) 214-37-60 Fax (8-371)214 -38-90 olmazor-tibbiyot –

2 Transport college of Shaykhontokhur Tashkent city Shaykhontokhur district Beltepa 10 Phone number Tel (371)218-55-42 Fax 218-59-91
3 Sergeli medical college Quyliq A. Shermatov street 2 Phone number (8-71)290-14-57

Fax 290-14


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