Information Resource Center

V. Galina Kuzmina

Director of the Informational Resource Center  

Phone: +998(71) 214-82-90,


Information Resource Center originates since 1920. It is the oldest collection of medical books and manuscripts on medicine and allied profiles in Uzbekistan. Universal content funds generated during the existence of the library, is a collection of domestic and foreign sources in different languages ​​on medicine, biology, medical chemistry, social sciences, the richest fund of fiction and books on art and culture.
Modern conditions require the introduction of new technologies in the service users in the composition and structure of informational materials. For these purposes, created the material and technical base, bought a computer and office equipment. A database of electronic textbooks, which is constantly increasing, for the automated search the electronic catalogue under the “ARMAT” with more than 7,000 bibliographic records.

IRC serves over 8,000 readers , they deployed network subscriptions and reading rooms with working hours to 22 hours. The book fund IRC has 681,594 copies. Of these, a training fund – 168 004 copies, Manuals – 33,511 copies in the national and Russian languages, more than 20,000 copies educational literature in English. The main educational literature translated into electronic format and is 15,597 versions. Reading rooms has 400 seats. Virtual library offers readers access to all electronic resources IRC, 10 computers available on the internet.

IRC operates in accordance with the Regulations, approved by rector. The structure of the IRC are 6 departments on areas of work: Department of acquisition of funds to sectors, the department of scientific processing sectors, the service department of educational literature with the sectors, the service department of scientific literature with the Sector, digitization, computerization and electronic cataloging, reference librarian and media operation, administration and management department. Each department also has the approved documentation.
IRC on the basic parameters of work refers on the 2 nd group of wages. The staff is -51 units.
TMA IRC team is looking for new forms of service, and in this regard there are new and interesting forms of mass work, much of which is held in the reading rooms at student residences: the presentation of individual books and chairs, thematic training seminars at which the reports were accompanied by educational and scientific materials and video slideshow.

The main areas of work of the information resource center

Service of readers of all categories in accordance with their educational, scientific and practical activities;
Formation of the IRC fund for the provision of educational and scientific processes, the formation of a fund of documents on electronic media;
Formation of fiction stock, including electronic versions of fiction;
Digitization and transfer to the electronic format of the IRC fund;
Formation of EC on the program ARMAT.
To improve the methods of educational work with students, to attract students to read fiction, to carry out activities to promote the life and work of TMA scientists, classics of medicine, to highlight the most important political and cultural events in the life of the Republic and the Academy;
Participation in the creation of a consolidated electronic catalog of the Ministry of Higher Education under the program “Armat” and the electronic database “Reader”
Conducting reference and bibliographic and information services to readers in the electronic databases of foreign companies Medline, EBSCOhost, Thomson Reuters (Web of Science – Core Collection), Oxford university press, etc.
Improving the skills of IRC employees: participating in seminars and conferences on librarianship at different levels, learning the basics of the English language, medical terminology, etc.

Today RPI

The structure and staffing of the IRC are compiled in accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Higher Education for libraries of the 2nd group on the main performance indicators

– General Fund-161654

– annual book issue – over 800.000

– number of readers -4.311

Number of employees – 28

Electronic Resources -16587

The electronic catalog of the program “Armat” – over 5 thousand bibliographic records. Information search through the electronic catalog can be carried out in the virtual library and in the service centers of the IRC.

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