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Алимов Аброрбек Алишерович

Алимов Аброрбек Алишерович


Телефон: 350-00-12

The main activities of the legal service are:

Establish the rule of law and legitimacy in law enforcement TMA;

Monitoring compliance with regulatory and other draft documents developed by TMA;

To participate in lawmaking activities of TTA, coordinate their work on the preparation of proposals for the improvement of legislation;

Increase the legal culture and legal literacy of TMA employees, participate in the delivery of the content and significance of the adopted legal acts, including through modern information and communication technologies;

contractual and judicial proceedings, ensuring reliable protection of property and other interests of TTA.

a) TTA, together with individual or other structural units, resolves the pre-trial settlement of disputes with citizens;

b) Together with other agencies, participate in the preparation and conclusion of TMA contracts, verify their compliance with the law and issue a visa if there are no objections or proposals. At the same time, projects will be issued by the legal service after other structural units (employees) of TMA;

c) monitor compliance with the established procedure for the conclusion, execution, amendment and termination of contracts;

d) makes proposals for the implementation of signed TMA agreements and participates in the development of proposals for the improvement of contractual relations ;.

e) Participates in the preparation of applications for the protection of TMA and in the consideration of applications filed by TMA, controls the compliance with the application TMA and the procedure for consideration;

(e) Examines accounts receivable and payable accounts and measures to reduce them together with relevant institutions;

o) conduct claims in disputes arising from contractual relations;

u) participate in the preparation of documents necessary for the legal protection of property and other interests of the TTA and in the prescribed manner;

i) checks the compliance of draft legal documents on property protection with legislation and participates in their preparation;

j) analyzes the causes and conditions of the property theft, the reasons for the shortage and non-production expenses of the TTA, together with other structural units, as well as measures to eliminate them, compiling materials for cases of property laundering and damage to law enforcement agencies;

and) provide legal opinions on documentary evidence of material values ​​and monetary crimes, as well as violations of the law and violations of the identified audit results and incidents.

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