Training courses

If you want to become students of one of the leading higher medical educational institutions of the Republic of Uzbekistan, our preparatory courses are ready to help you.

Since 2017, the Tashkent Medical Academy has opened preparatory courses for passing test exams for admission to medical universities.

The training includes three subjects: chemistry, biology and the mother tongue with literature, and groups are also recruited to prepare for creative exams for admission to the faculty of a nurse with higher education.

Classes at the courses are conducted by highly qualified teachers of the Tashkent Medical Academy, who have extensive experience working with both applicants and students.

Students who successfully complete the training will receive a certificate of completion of the preparatory course. Being seriously engaged in our courses you will be able to pass test exams for significantly higher scores.

We wish you success and look forward to seeing you.

For more information:

Muydinov Otabek Khusanovich

Tel: +99893 520-55-50

+99871 150 78 41

+99871 214 89 32

Address: TMA, 3 academic building, 3-floor

Preparatory Courses in Higher Educational Institutions at


Muydinov Otabek Khusanovich

Course Leader and Chemistry Teacher

Tel: 93-520-55-50


Khayitov Maksud Samadovich

Biology teacher

Теl: 91-241-38-77


Course Objectives:

  1. Training in higher educational institutions for persons studying in academic lyceums, colleges and schools, as well as for persons who have completed their studies
  2. Preparation of applicants for entrance tests distribution of students into groups based on their knowledge, skills, goals and degree of assimilation
  3. The formation of a creative worldview among students and the promotion of their intellectual activity in subjects
  4. Teaching effective and fast methods for solving tests of problems and examples in subjects. Cooperation with a designated publishing house for students in preparatory courses at universities
  5. The development of students in the spirit of patriotism and the strengthening of respect for national, cultural and spiritual values

During 10 months of 2018-19 academic year, classes were held, the total number of which is 756 hours in biology, chemistry, literature and the Native Language for 252 hours each in Uzbek and Russian.

If we look at the results of last year, our students Murtazoyev Hikmatillo, Ganiev Javokhir, Valikhanova Farida, Siddikova Muslima, Kosimov Nosirjon, Muhammedova Sarvinoz entered the Tashkent Medical Academy, Burkhanova Kamola and Karimjonov Shakhnoza at the Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute, Mamasidikova Dilhumor at the Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute and Makhmudova Nodira was recommended as a student under a state training grant to Tashkent Agrarian University.

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