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Under the Tashkent Medical Academy

“Cup of Direction” held at the student dormitory

At the opening ceremony of the “Directorate Cup” held at the students’ dormitories of the Tashkent Medical Academy, Director of the Student Directorate EAhudaykulov made a speech and outlined the sports competitions and wished all athletes good luck. Sports competitions have begun with draw. The Cup of Direction consists of four types of sports: mini football, chess, volleyball and table tennis among girls and boys.

Millions of footballers have come to the forefront of the game and have been very interesting.

The host team № 8, “Lochin”, took the 1 place, the students of the No. 4 camp occupied the 2nd place, and the students of the # 5 numbered students were third.

Boys and girls in Volleyball No. 8 ranked the first in the No. 1 category, the students of the No. 3 campus were limited to the 2nd place, and the third place was taken by the student team # 5.

Our girls actively participated in volleyball sports competitions among girls. Girls’ team № 8 took the honorable place, the girls №5 took the second place.

As a result of all kinds of sport, there was a great interest among the students, who are interesting and interested in the chess.

Our girls actively participated in table tennis competitions among girls. Tajibaeva N., a student dormitory number 3 He took the 1 place.

Thus, the sporting competitions held for student dormitories “Cup of Direction” left an indelible mark on the memory of all the students.









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