School of Young Scientists

Depending on the requirements of the next stage of implementation of the National Program of Personnel Training, at the 4-7 stages of the bachelor’s degree, the attention was paid to the selection of talented students and their involvement in scientific research by teachers of the departments of the Academy. The most talented and initiative young people are involved in scientific research. In the future, the reserve for the preparation of advanced scientific and pedagogical cadres is being created. The doctors and candidates of science at the Academy conduct scientific supervision. The themes of scientific research in the period of studentship are further studied as the themes of master dissertations.

From April 11 to April 12, 2018 the annual scientific conference of young scientists “Innovations in medicine: the view of young scientists” and “Student scientific community”, dedicated to “Actual problems of medicine” were held. The conference was held in the conference hall of Navoi and Kokand International Business Center in Tashkent on April 11, 2018 from 8 00 to 16 00. The rector of the Tashkent Medical Academy, Professor LN Tugichiev, Vice-Rector FL Azizova, Vice-Rector Sh.A.Boymuradov and rector of the Tashkent State Medical Academy, deans of faculties and heads of departments, and gifted students participated in the conference.

The opening speech was given to the rector of the Tashkent Medical Academy, Professor LN Tuychiev. Prof. LN Tuychiev presented the conference and wished all the speakers good luck. At the conference: lectures, surgery and therapeutic and poster lectures were held. The talented masters and students performed in English, Russian and Uzbek languages. Their lectures were listened to by listeners with great interest. There were interesting questions and discussions. The speakers were evaluated by the judges. The views of the judges were heard.

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