New foreign partners of Tashkent Medical Academy. Established cooperation with leading universities of Europe and Asia.

In order to ensure fulfillment of the tasks of establishing close prospective partnerships with leading foreign scientific and educational institutions envisaged by Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On measures for the further development of higher education system” by higher educational institutions of Republic of Uzbekistan. Delegation of Tashkent Medical Academy, headed by rector Professor L.Tuichiev from 13 to 22 March 2018 visited leading European universities: University of Pavia (Italy) and University College Dublin (Ireland), in the framework of the project “Improvement of treatment outcomes in chronic diseases – improvement of Master’s program” Education Program of the European Union “Erasmus Plus”.

Reference: The project “Improving the results of treatment for chronic diseases – improving the master’s program” is aimed  to improving medical care for chronic diseases by improving the curricula for masters in accordance with international standards and the experience of leading European universities.

During the implementation of the project, participants will improve the existing master’s curricula in accordance with the educational programs in Europe.

In addition to TMA delegation, representatives of  various partner universities of the project participants took part in this study visit.

Within framework of this visit, TMA rector, Professor L. Tuichiev, held bilateral meetings and negotiations with the leadership of a number of universities.

These meetings allowed to discuss in detail the issues of the exchange of faculty, joint organization of scientific and educational activities and programs, in particular organization of online lectures and webinars of leading foreign professors in TMA and Branches, the creation of joint new curricula and curricula, the publication of scientific articles by representatives of TMA in foreign scientific journals and the conduct of joint scientific research.

Following the results of the meetings and bilateral negotiations, cooperation agreements were signed with the University of Pavia (Italy), Kazan Innovation University named after V.G Timiryasov (Russia), University of Medicine and Pharmacy Tai Nguyen (Vietnam), and an agreement was reached to establish cooperation by signing a Memorandum of Understanding with  University College Dublin (Ireland).

Expansion and development of international relations in the field of medical education and establishment of cooperation with the world’s leading medical institutions facilitate the exchange of experience in the field of innovative approaches to training medical personnel and the introduction of advanced foreign practices in the training of medical students in Uzbekistan, which will increase the level of medical care provided to the population in accordance with international standards.

Work in this direction continues.

International Department TMA.

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